Female ‘cougars’ are on the prowl. Or are they just a male fantasy?

In North America, the Mountain Lion ranges east and west from the rockies to the Pacific coast and north and south from Canada through Mexico. They also cover Central and South America. The grace and power of the cougar continues to be a standard symbol of strength and stealth. Although it is considered part of the small cat family, the mountain lion is the fourth largest wild cat in the world after the tiger, lion and jaguar. Strange, but unlike cats of its ilk, a cougar cannot roar but similar to domestic cats, they do hiss, spit, growl, and even purr. Hunting and Prey Mountain lions only eat meat and will eat any animal it can catch.

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Video about puma cougar jaguar woman: Puma — A Puma is, essentially, a Cougar that is younger. The cougar who prefers younger men is pursued and receptive to young men who consider her to be a MILF. In this case the woman in question is seldom a cougar on the prowl , and she may not even be aware that younger men are interested in her.

Then what about middle-aged and something women who like arm candy? Pumas simply have a thing for younger men.

Puma is a synonym of cougar. As nouns the difference between cougar and puma is that cougar is a mountain lion; puma concolor while puma is the mountain lion, cougar, puma concolor.

However, it remained on the Federal List of Threatened and Endangered Wildlife despite being classified as extinct by the U. Fish and Wildlife Service. However, on 22 January the U. John Muir Laws Regular cougar sighting in North Carolina The removal of this extinct subspecies from the endangered species list takes effect on 22nd February As the species is extinct and no longer exists in the East, if you see a cougar I wonder whether it is protected under the Endangered Species Act.

Extinct animals and plants cannot be protected under this Act. On this website quite a lot of visitors have reported sightings of cougars in the East.

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Now there are Pumas: More than , are aged between and a further , are aged between according to a poll conducted by thepicnicproject. Younger men became my choice du soir after a year-old seduced me on a ski trip in the Alps. I enjoy the fact that they are looking to their future. Older men tend to dwell on their past. If you date an older man he will hog the conversation and talk about his achievements, often not allowing the female to get a word in because he believes having been born so much earlier means that he has more value than the woman.

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Share Several women had some fairly melancholy musings on the subject of being a cougar. I feel so Demi Moore,’ a woman posted, in reference to Ms Moore’s doomed relationship with fellow actor Ashton Kutcher, who was 15 years her junior when their eight-year relationship crumbled in I feel like I am so attracted to much younger men but it’s going to leave me lonely in the end realistically.

We’re in love but sometimes I wonder how long I can keep him happy. But I’m also covering up the pain of an unwanted divorce. Another, however, had the opposite problem, stating: You’re eight years younger than I am, you should want it way more. Peoples’ anonymous confessions are then turned into engaging images with the words printed over a fitting photograph or illustration.

One woman lamented, ‘I love being a cougar. I wish more people didn’t think it was weird. I wish more people didn’t think it was weird,’ one grumbled. The look on their faces when they find out the age difference is priceless. I still don’t have the answer. Women have a limited window and men don’t.

Comparative Ford Cougar V6 vs Ford Puma 1.7 !

Pumas Vs Cougars Vs Jaguars: A Jaguar is a car. A Puma is a shoe brand. So there you have it — the definitions you were looking for! We are a bunch of older women craving horn dogs, so here are the definitions of Cougars , Pumas , and Jaguars …well, the ones you were actually looking for. Cougars are mostly after sex from younger men, but some actually seek a real relationship.

I would love to have a puma/cougar as a pet. Having always had wild/exotic pets growing up (skunks, raccoons, wild hogs), and I currently have a bobcat residing with me that I raised from a bottle, I see no harm as long as you are prepared for the trials and challenges that go with it.

But several things differentiate the two, from living on different continents to having a contrasting social structure. Cougars are also known as pumas, mountain lions and panthers — but not black panthers. Habitat From the snow-capped mountains of Canada down to the swamps of Florida and from the jungles of Brazil to the deserts of Arizona, cougars live in a variety of habitats in both North and South America.

They’re able to withstand a host of temperatures, both freezing and scorching. In contrast, cheetahs thrive in only one geographical location and that’s Africa, where the climate largely remains sweltering and dry throughout the year. They live mostly in open grasslands. Hunting Habits Cheetahs take advantage of their slender bodies, creeping within the stalks of grass during the day to hunt their prey.

Once dinner is spotted, the fastest mammal on earth — cheetahs can accelerate from 0 to 60 within three seconds — sprints into action and slams into his victim. After that, the hunt is effectively over and the cheetah finishes off his victim with his powerful jaws. Cougars prefer hunting at night, although they will hunt during the day.

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Pop culture paints the cougar as predatory and pathetically desperate, but women have recently begun fighting the stereotype: Steps Identifying a Cougar 1 Forget everything you think you know about cougars. In fact, forget the term all together. The generally accepted age group for cougars is plus; however, some people go as low as 35 in their definition. With new creams and procedures available, many men and women are able to look much younger than they are.

Join now % free cougar dating site fidelity, puma, and chat site, you ask us and state. Tv. Freedating. Tuesday, man seeking women live through the website, and web cam. Despite cougars the us and younger men and start .

These sleek animals are nicknames for women in their 50s, 40s and 30s, respectively. Jaguar — a woman in her 50s. Oprah Winfrey is the perfect example. Though it is said that the 50s are the new forties, biologically speaking, it is still a time for change for most women. And as her metabolism changes, she needs a little help in keeping her figure slender. A Jaguar is a woman who typically needs full coverage from her tummy to her thighs, the Level 1 Waist Embrace from Donna Karan Body Perfect shapewear would be a ideal shaper as it would tighten and slim her body.

Why should Madonna have all the fun? Cougar — a woman in her 40s; and the epitome of this age group is currently Demi Moore. Some needs a little help.

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Mountain Lion vs Puma Puma, mountain lion, cougar, painter, mountain cat, catamount, and many other names are being used to refer the same animal. In fact, this animal holds the Guinness world record for the highest number of names being used for a particular animal. There are many myths related to this interesting carnivore, but this article would not explore through those. The main objective of this writing is to straighten any doubtful information about mountain lions, as it could be easily confusing.

As both the names, Puma and mountain lion, refer to one biological animal species, this article describes the important biological characteristics first, and then concentrates to find the disparities about naming, especially the difference between mountain lion and puma. Mountain Lion Mountain lion, Puma concolor, aka Puma or cougar, is a hugely built native cat to the Americas.

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You enter the world a the last remaining member of the infamous Cougaro Family. The Puma, also know as a mountain lion and cougar, is a powerful animal, ready to hunt down anything that crosses his pathway. The goal of the game is to locate all your family members, mark your territory, defeat all the bosses, enemy clans, and finally the super animal bosses.

Many people have requested this game, so here it is! You asked, we listened! Come and customize your own Puma!! Plenty of color combinations to choose from.

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Therefore, a proper understanding is necessary about these names and the differences between them would be important to be aware of if there are any. This article intends to discuss the cougar in detail as both these names are referred to one particular species of felid living in the American continents. Cougar Cougar, Puma concolor, aka Puma is a native cat to South and North America and live in mountains more often than not.

For instance, if you want to know this in reference to dating, then some would answer differently. But if the question is based on the world of porn, then that’s another story. When it comes to MILF adult content, a MILF is someone whom people fantasy about.

A theory that can explain this finding from an evolutionary perspective is the parasite-stress theory which explains that an increase of infectious disease can cause humans to evolve selectively according to these pressures. Evidence also shows that as disease risk gets higher, it puts a level of stress on mating selection and increases the use of polygamy.

In regions such as Sub-Saharan Africa the use of polygyny is commonly practiced as a consequence of high sex-ratios more males born per females and passing on heterozygous diverse genetics from different females to offspring. Another reason that polygynous communities have larger age-gaps between spouses is that intrasexual competition for females increases as fewer females remain on the marriage market with males having more than one wife each , therefore the competitive advantage values younger females due to their higher reproductive value.

Smaller than average age-gaps[ edit ] Comparatively in Western societies such as the US and Europe we see a trend of smaller age-gaps between spouses, reaching its peak average in Southern Europe of 3. Using the same pathogen-stress model we see a lower prevalence of disease in these economically developed areas, and therefore a reduced stress on reproduction for survival. Additionally, it is common to see monogamous relationships widely in more modern societies as there are more women in the marriage market and polygamy is illegal throughout most of Europe and the United States.

As access to education increases worldwide, the age of marriage increases with it, with more of the youth staying in education for longer.

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Cuz wouldn’t it be just be making it too easy to date someone your own age She might not know your age if you’re a mature guy but you will and it will psyche you out. You’ll sense the world is judging you.

The origin of the word cougar as a slang term is debated, but it is thought to have originated in Western Canada and first appeared in print on the Canadian dating website It has also been stated to have “originated in Vancouver, British Columbia, as a put-down for older women who would go to bars and go home with whoever was left at the end of the night”.

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Members Share Their Stories Silvia, 43 I expected the site to be more men than cougars, but it turns out it’s the other way around. I have spoken to many men over the weeks and they have all satisfied me one way or another. Tracey, 46 Ever since my divorce I haven’t found a guy that can quite fill the gap. My curiosity led me to this site and now I can’t get enough of the men! Anne, 39 I have always wanted to get with someone younger than me, I’ve had a lot of fun meeting up with men in my area!

When My Cougar Dates started, it was out of my frustration at the conventional dating game in my early 30s. I’d recently had a fling with a woman of 47 and it had been like a breath of fresh air.

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