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Summary The mid to late s were a relatively calm era in Oklahoma and north Texas tornado history, at least as far as the lack of violent tornadoes tornadoes classified as F4 or F5 on the Fujita Scale. After April 29, when a violent tornado struck Mannford near Lake Keystone , there were no violent tornadoes in the state for almost 7 years. This is the longest period of time that the state has gone without a violent tornado since tornado data began to be regularly compiled in , and likely dating back to statehood. Within the Oklahoma and north Texas counties currently served by the NWS Norman, there were no violent tornadoes for almost 10 years after the Binger tornado of May 22, Furthermore, no violent tornadoes had occurred within the entire state of Oklahoma since Unfortunately, those streaks ended on April 26, The day started ominously as storms formed across central and western Oklahoma in the early morning hours and moved northeast. A tornado struck the town of Tonkawa in northern Oklahoma about an hour after sunrise. These early storms moved northeast into Kansas and weakened in the late morning hours, but a dry line remained across central Kansas into central Oklahoma. Storms redeveloped in the afternoon along the dry line and an outbreak of tornadoes across much of the central and southern plains ensued.

Hurricane Michael Makes Landfall

To most of us, weather disasters are unhappy events to be avoided. But for con artists, they’re a chance to make a buck. Take so-called “storm chasers” – no – not people who pursue tornadoes, trying to capture them on video. These scammers prey on homeowners after hail storms hit, reports CBS News investigative correspondent Sharyl Attkisson. We’ve had a dozen so far.

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The show explores how rare artifacts from Southern California’s archives can unlock hidden and often-surprising stories from the region’s past. In its year journey from open pasture to urban park, Pershing Square has weathered nagging complaints and survived multiple, radical renovations. With its privileged position between the city’s historic core and financial district neighborhoods, the five-acre public square remains downtown L.

Ord sketched an orthogonal grid of city blocks that extended southwest from the historic heart of Los Angeles. Like the streets — 5th, 6th, Hill, and Olive — that bounded it, Block 15 was little more than a cartographic fiction, created to allow the city to auction off some of the original land granted to the pueblo by the Spanish Crown.

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Her age as of is around 27 years. She broadcasts weekdays between 4: The couple owns a Boston Terrier, named Petey. His business depended heavily on the weather, and she would watch morning weather forecasts together with her father before leaving for school. After school, her father entrusted her to provide weather updates to him through mobile.

She continued to pursue her obsession in weather over the years.

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Many storm chasers are driven by the desire to get the best tornado and storm pictures they can. Some people are looking to capture the awesomeness. A lot of people are looking to .

Although scientific work is sometimes cited as a goal, direct participation in such work is almost always impractical except for those collaborating in an organized university or government project. These reports greatly benefit real-time warnings with ground truth information as well as science by increasing the reliability of severe storm databases used in climatology and other research which ultimately boosts forecast and warning skill.

An increasing number sell storm videos and pictures and manage to make a profit. A few operate “chase tour” services, making storm chasing a recently developed niche tourism. No degree or certification is required to be a storm chaser. Local National Weather Service offices do hold storm spotter training classes, usually early in the spring. Storm chasers come from a wide variety of occupational and socioeconomic backgrounds. A fair number are meteorologists, however, most storm chasers may be from any number of occupational fields that have little or nothing to do with meteorology.

A large majority of chasers are male and white but a minority are female or of Asian or other descents. The average age is probably around 35 but chasers could theoretically be of any age. A relatively high proportion possess college degrees and a large number live in the central and southern U. Many are lovers of nature with interests that also include flora , fauna , volcanoes , aurora , meteors , eclipses , and astronomy.

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Sep 10,  · A storm chaser has demonstrated the full force of Hurricane Irma as he attempted to stand up against its lashing winds in the Florida Keys. Juston Drake, a .

This DVD has it all! Raw footage of this devastating weather event from start to finish. Jeff and Kathryn Capture the power of an deadly EF-5 at close range and then stop on Iowa street to help people from the rubble. This DVD features stories of the survivors, including a little dog named Eddie who made it out alive. Jeff and Kathryn alone captured 2 EF-5 Tornadoes just 2 days apart.

Jeff and Kathryn capture stunning footage as the El-Reno EF-5 hits a gas transfer plant and you see an orange fireball explosion in the center of the tornado. Use as a derivative work, and reselling or redistributing such derivative work is prohibited. Media may not be used in a pornographic, obscene, illegal, immoral, libelous or defamatory manner. Media may not be incorporated into trademarks, logos, or service marks.

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Reed was very much talented and attractive since his childhood and also had a deep interest in sports and other extracurricular activities during his school days. He was also good in studies. He was grown up in and raised in Grand Rapids. He showed a keen interest in weather at a very young age. And now he is known as the success full storm chaser Reed Timmer.

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So what causes such a powerful storm to develop in the same spot, up to nights a year? Scientists think the Catatumbo, named for a river that runs into the lake, is normal lightning that just happens to occur far more than anywhere else, due to local topography and wind patterns. Lake Maracaibo basin is surrounded by mountains that trap warm trade winds coming off the Caribbean. These winds crash into cool air spilling down from the Andes, forcing them up until they condense into thunderclouds creating an average 28 lightning strikes per minute across a wide area — an energy burst that could power all the light bulbs in Latin America.

A bolt of lightning lights up the night’s sky near the mouth of the Catatumbo River in Zulia, Venezuela History books show the lightning has played a significant role in Venezuelan history, helping thwart at least two nocturnal invasions of the country. The first attempt was in when it illuminated ships led by Sir Francis Drake of England, revealing his surprise attack to Spanish soldiers in Maracaibo. The other was during the Venezuelan War of Independence in , when it betrayed a Spanish fleet trying to sneak ashore.

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Looking at areas within the Calcasieu Estuary I noted an imagery date of May 18th, When using Google Earth the imagery date appears in the lower left hand corner of the image. Previously the most recent imagery I was finding of hte Louisiana coast on Google earth was While it’s a little older than the new imagery available on Google Earth, I do find it to be of a higher resolution than what is available on Google Earth.

Apr 26,  · As the tornado passed the highway, peak wind speeds over mph were recorded with the Red Rock tornado, which was the highest known measured wind speed of a tornado until May 3, tornado near Bridge Creek, Oklahoma.

Danny Neal November 17th, A day that resonates with so many of us across the great state of Illinois. Typically dates that are remembered in the weather world are not ones that bring on a positive connotation. With this paper I plan on giving an overview of the event, an in depth look at the meteorology behind it, a timeline of events, and also the efforts to restore the hardest hit areas back to normalcy. What made it so unusual was not only the time of year it occurred, but the time of day that many of the tornadoes happened.

Some fast facts about the outbreak below: A bit of a brief overview of the weather leading up to November 17th. Illinois had been a little colder than average in the days leading up to the outbreak. I remember temperatures were well below freezing with even some snow flurries observed preceding this monster trough.


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